Even after proving itself as a healing tool, hypnosis still has alot of myths surrounding itself. This chapter aims at clearing out most of these myths about the science of hypnosis. Remember that each and every misconception about hypnotheraphy must first be removed.



Hypnotist can control my mind, make me do anything and reveal all my secrets.





This has been one of the major myth, that keeps many a suffering people, away from hypnotists. Unfortunately the Television programmes have really exaggerated this myth. It is known that not all the people are suspectible to hypnosis and no hypnotist, however clever and crafty, can take over against your will.



The truth is that a hypnotised subject is more alert than a normal person. He is completely conscious of his sourroundings. The subject has complete control over himself and will not reveal any secrets or do any thing until he wishes to. "If you deeply resist gount into his state then there is little a hypnotist can do".


A 'Trance' by many people is understood as complete loss of consiciouness wherein the subject doesn't know what is happening around. In fact, as stated earlier, a subject is more aware and not neccesserily will fall asleep.



Hypnosis is basically a form of deep relaxation which includes the 'alpha' state in the brain. As it has been scientifically proven, effective healing of both mind and body, must take place at alpha level. Hypnotherapist are people who have accuired or learnt te way to induce this alpha state into other people.



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