The human mind, just like an iceberg, consists of two parts: the tip of the iceberg-that is, the conscious mind which helps us with daily decission-making processes and also assists us in the new situations where we have to apply rational thinking to fathom out what to do and how to do it- and the hidden depths of the iceberg- the sob-conscious mind,which works on 'auto-pilot' and deals with a variety of tasks,such as:


The Emotions:



Emotions are opposite of rationality, emotions such as joy, happiness, anger, disappointment, fear and also so on come up without us 'planning' to have them; they are 'just there' . A thought in our minds can provoke an emotion, as can a remark someone makes in our presence or even a remark someone made several years ago.





The term 'Imagination' is used here as an umbrella term for a number of other facts of the subconcious mind, such as ideas, creativity, visualisations, intuition, premonition, fantasies, daydreaming and dreaming.





The subconcious mind holds memories of everything we have ever seen, heard, experienced or learned. This does not neccesserily mean that we have total access to that information; a lot of it will stay buried in our subconcious, although hypnosis can considerably facilitate recall.


Autonomic Nervous System:



The autonomic nervous system controls and regulates our internal organs autonomically. For example,it will delate our pupils when the light gets dim and contracts them when the light gets brighter. It is the one that makes the blood to keep flowing in your body. It is the one that makes your mouth water when you see your favourite dish



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