Now becoming very respecteble, hypnosis is widely used to treat psychosomatic problems. Hypnotherapy has been proved to be very successful in cases of enhancing performance, will-power and confidence as well in treating depression, aniexty, phobias, habits, and obessions.



There is some evidence that specialy trained priest-doctors gave suffers [hypnotic] suggestions,as did the later of the indian yogis fakirs,and the Persin Magi. The ancient

Shamans are alsosaid to use a form of hypnosis to effect healing. Suggestions were also


used successfully in the healing temples of ancient Greece.






The Egyptian history shows evidence of priest-doctors asking the suffers to fix their gaze on a glossy piece of mantal to induce a trance. the use of hypnotic suggestions for healing was employed all the way into the Middle Ages, but it was not until 1530 that an explanation other than divine intervention was offered for the cures achieved by such altered states of minds.










But modern hypnotism owes its origins to the Austrian physician, Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), inventor of the term 'Animal Magnetism' (and from whose name the term 'Mesmerise' is derived), who used a form of laying on of hands to bring about an altered state of consciouness in his patients. Mesmer believed that 'animal magnetism' could pass from him to his patients with dramatic effects.


Simply by gestures Mesmer would induce convulsions and trance-like states in his patients. Although Mesmer produced the hypnotic state innumerable times, he was quite unaware of this fact. It remained for one of his students, 'Marquis Armand' of Puysager, to actually discover the hypnotic trance which he called 'artificial somnambulism'.



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