Benefits of Hypnosis

There are a greate number of symptoms and problems, where hypnotherapy has been effectively employed. Hypnosis cures relatively quickly and easily, provided that the hypnotherapist is well-qualified and experienced.

Hypnotherapy has proved itself successful in everything from curing different types of psycho-somatic problems to improving performance and abilities of a person. A few of the places where hypnotherapy has been clinically accepted and is being practised are as follows:




Developing Confidence and Will Power

Increasing Self Esteem


Enhancing Performance

Controlling Habits, Obsessions and Compulsions.


Relieving Stress

Removing Depression and Anxiety


Relieving Psycho-Somatic Problems

Get rid of Fear and Phobias


Pain Control

Curing Speech Disorders (Like Stammering)


Freeing from Eating Disorders

Solving Sexual Problems.


Even though hypnosis cure all the above , it is to be noted in the mind that it may take longer period to heal a person depending on the severity of his synptoms or problem. Also remember that if you use hypnosis for pain control, always ensure that you know the real medical cause behind the pain of the subject. it is possible that the pain is being caused by an inner, bodily problem which if subsided by the use of hypnosis, may lead to a growth of that problems and subject has to suffer afterwards.



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