Audio CDs & DVDs

Sajan Galani, presents 24 titles, making the wonderrful technique of Self-Hypnosis available to the common Indian. Each of these Cds and DVDs have been prepared to serve a specific purpose, and is scientifically created by blending subliminal music and carefully developed suggestions. All you have to do is select a quite and clam place where you won't be disturbed for atleast half an hour, sit down comfortably and play the Cds and DVDs of your choice, preferably using headphones.

List of Audio CDs and DVDs



How To Master Self-Hypnosis

Improve Memory



Attain Success and Confidence

Success in examinations



Astral Projection

Public Speaking



Develop Psychic Powers

Past Life Regression



Positive Thinking




Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Chakra balancing & Energising



Instant & Sound Sleep

Miracle Manifestation in 7 days



Cure Asthma

Automatic Writing



Stop Smoking Forever

Hypnosis in Hind



Lose Weight

Relaxation & Creativity



Getting Rid of Fears & Phobias

Attain Wealth and Prosperty



Secrets of Study habits & Faster Reading

Subliminal Music



      The cost of each CD & DVD is Rs. 200/- INR (Including courier charges)




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